Ayesha's Miss Model - SOLD

Ayesha’s Miss Model (Ramuls Justin x Ayesha’s Rockwood) - 1994 (living in Sweden)
Model is a big athletic mare, which she passes on to her foals. She has a gorgeous head and outstanding conformation. Model is a wonderful mom and produced some amazing foals over the years. Mares with Model’s bloodlines are very hard to find these days.

Below are some of Model’s babies:

Tangowood’s Fire it Up - 2012 palomino mare (lives in Sweden)

Tangowood’s Miss Sunkist - 2014 palomino mare (see her page for more info)

Tangowood's Wind Warrior - 2017 palomino stud colt (lives in Montana)

Tangowood’s Raise Em Up - 2018 palomino stud colt (see our Stallion page for more info)