Mystik's Lady Solaris

Mystik's Lady Solaris (Tangowood's Wings of War x Mystik's Highview Destiny) - 2017 Smoky Black filly. 

"Aris" is a full sister to Mystik's Alberta Strong" and what a wonderful cross this has been. She stands just under 15.2 as a 4 year old, is beautiful with an amazing personality. In 2019 Aris started her training, ground driving, saddled/bridled and light riding. She is proving to be extremely smart and willing so progressed quickly and even had a few rides at a walk and trot. Her training will continue slowly to allow her mind and body time to mature.

2021 Update - Aris will be staying in the family with Kaytlyn as her person! Kaytlyn and Aris spent many miles out on the trails, worked on some ranch riding techniques and even got to experience cows. What a great partnership they have with an exciting future!