Mystik's Highview Destiny

Mystik’s Highview Destiny (Mystik’s Mel Tango x EL-D-Bars Sarena) - 2001
This mare is an example of what we are breeding for. She is very athletic, pretty and versatile standing a solid 15.1H. In her younger years she worked cows one on one, some cattle penning and two man cattle sorting. Destiny has been to the mountains numerous times, she has a big motor and can go all day. She 
has produced some wonderful babies, all are super friendly, smart with great form.
Below is a list of Destiny’s babies, more information available on the Youngsters page. 

Mystik's Klassic Country, "KC" was her first filly born in 2008 SOLD

Mystik's Alberta Strong, "Alley" was born May 17, 2016 - SOLD

Mystik's Lady Solaris, "Aris" a smoky black filly was born May 28, 2017 - Retained

Mystik's Smokin Ace, "Ace" a smoky black colt born June 14, 2018 - SOLD

2020 Update - after many years of raising foals Destiny had a break from breeding. She was ridden regularly all spring and summer, even went on a mountain trip! Such an amazing mare with so much heart and stamina. 

Destiny and her 2016 filly Mystik's Alberta Strong, "Alley" (sold)

Destiny and her 2016 filly Mystik's Alberta Strong, "Alley" (sold)